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Re-wild walking from the city to nature

Re-wild is a resort designed to give guests the chance to experience and communicate with nature, in partnership with Numi Tea. The goal is to appreciate the essential role nature plays, and discover ways to heal the planet. 


Leave urbanization behind.  Walk through a transitional space that takes you to a more natural California environment, and delivers the energy that nature offers.  Our mission is to heal our living world, allowing guests to enhance their connection with nature.


Because of urbanization and city expansion, nature is pushed further and further away from where we live.  This leads to lost awareness of the importance of the natural world. 

We need an opportunity for understanding the relationship between nature and humans. “Returning” plays an essential role in this discovery, because it presents the close connection between humanity and the world. “Returning” speaks to the importance of nature, and guides us back to accomplish our mission: since we are a part of nature and not isolated from this planet, we do have the responsibility to repair our living environment.

The hotel experience will follow the transition from city to wilderness, to illustrate conflict and harmony, and call people’s awareness to the healing of the planet.



The site is located at 17020 Sunset Boulevard, between urban and natural landscapes. It sits on the border between city and wilderness.  The design of the experience will create a transition, bringing guests out of the concrete box and into the breath of nature.

First Level Floor Plan

Second / Guestroom Level Floor Plan

Two Queens

One King


Tones move from cold to warm; feel the change from one zone to another. Leaving the cold and hard box, we seek a place that can offer recovery - colors that warm our heart and soul.

However, energy must be replenished. Which leads us to seek a sustainable lifestyle. At this point, we will have a deeper understanding of what we need to,  and should do - we need to heal the planet for all living things - that will be our mission.


Color inspirations

Color pallet


The hotel experience connects the human and natural world and seeks the essence of both.  Three attributes define those materials: raw, harmonious, and wild

The material strategy is aligned with the transition to a more natural, sustainable world. It strips exaggeration and nothingness to seek the essence of the natural world.  Selected materials offer a rough, wild feeling - establishing a pure, textural environment.



The giant concrete facade is inspired by brutalism. It strips exaggeration to represent the essence of contemporary buildings. The different finishes, rough surfaces on the wall, and smooth surfaces on the columns create a subtle contrast - expressing a kind of energetic feeling.

The narrow reflecting pool will guide to the entrance. Because the front part of the resort is mostly concrete, it can act as a sound barrier, blocking city noise. The reflecting pool adds to the sound barrier by creating a subtle sound of the flow of water.


The two-storage lobby reduces the visual contrast between indoor and outdoor; welcoming guests.  The left side of the lobby has recycled concrete walls, in high contrast.  This attracts our attention to the check-in desk.

To illuminate this large area, glass windows are installed on the roof, allowing in more natural light. Different levels of artificial lights are designed for a visual balance between darker and brighter areas - and in the transition from day to evening.



The porcelain floor tiles extend slightly into the dining area, touching the yellow birch floor; nature starts being introduced.

An entire glass wall on the side allows natural light into the space.  Pendant lights balance the sunlight, making the dining area more comfortable. The wall between the dining room and hallway is made of paper tubing and reduces ambient noise.


​Openable glass roof


The three doorways enhance ventilation, in conjunction with the glass skylights on the roof.  These can be opened or closed to regulate temperature.


we see material and spatial changes here. From left to right, tones go from cool to warm, and spaces move from closed to open.  It is like opening a door and walking into a natural setting with clean breezes.



The Pool Bar can serve guests on three sides. It serves drinks made from natural sources, and teas; in an effort to encourage healthy living.


Connecting the Spa and Pool Bar, the patio has bamboo seating and trellises. Trees and ivy create shade and a relaxing place to spend some quiet time. 


Nature is all around us
It needs us to repair the world
“Returning” means not only “going back”,
but also “giving back”.

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